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TREC Ireland

Tourism Related Equestrian Competitions Limited

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News & Blog

News & Blog

TREC Ireland Open Championships

Posted by TREC Ireland on May 21, 2018 at 9:25 AM

Slieve Aughty Equestrian Centre

11-13 May 2018

Level 1 Individual

1. Shalamar Black Velvet (Jacinta Kinkade)

2. Kleiner Onkel (Ulrike Schweder)

3. Cassanova Kenry (Mag O'Riordan)

4. Frankie (Tracie Burroughs)

Level 1 Pairs

1. Slieve Aughty Grey (Carmel O'Callaghan) and Slieve Aughty Spring (Annie Ward McLaughlin)

2. Slieve Aughty Pinto (Kerry Neill) and Apache (Joanne Robb)

3. Cedergardim Ocean (Siobhan Ovington) and Lackagh Oscar (Helen McCormack)

Level 2 Individual

1. Ballycumber Blue (Katie Ellwood)

2. Amber Sky (Patric Byrne)

Level 2 Pairs

1. Paris II (Siobhan Wolf) and Ballyphilip Gold (Frances Whooley)

2. Nugget (Sheila Winters) and Ballingarry Badger (Anne-Marie Cronin)

3. Haize (Marie Gallagher) and Surprise (Paula Donohue)

Level 2A Individual

1. April Raven (Rachel Harney)

2. Piccolo Boy (Bobbie Ovington)

3. Johnny (Mary Harcourt)

Level 2A Pairs

1. Regal Ivy (Celia Taylor) and Boynehall Benny (Sheaffe Monteith)

2. Rushams Golden (Antje Keller) and Schalke Blue Rocco (Sabine Linka)

3. Floss (Anna McCarthy) and Duck (Keelan McCarthy)

Level 3 Individual

1. Apache (Jo McCormack)

2. Wooda (Sarah Thurnell)

3. Caspian (Kayleigh McCormack)

4. Batman (Kirsten McCormack)

5. Lissataggle Black Pearl (Elaine Waters)

6. Gallarus Boy (Rosemarie Bryson)

7. Riley (Sonia Serramia Ruiz)

Level 3 Pairs

1. Lissatagle Ebony (Karen Nicholson) and Penny (Maunza Heidtke)

Level 4 Individual

1. Cricket (Shiela Watson)

2. Slieve Aughty Panache (Dot Still)

3. Lily Langtree (Kate Gillam)

4. Slieve Aughty Tinka (Hilary Bernard)

5. Slieve Aughty Mag (Sue Lee)

6. Pippy (Mairead Moynihan)

Grangeclare Cups (Highest Placed Irish Rider)

Level 1

Shalamar Black Velvet (Jacinta Kinkade)

Level 2

Ballyphilip Gold (Frances Whooley)

Level 2A

Regal Ivy (Celia Taylor)

Level 3

Caspian (Kayleigh McCormack)

Level 4

Pippy (Mairead Moynihan)

MA Leaders

1. Cricket (Shiela Watson)

2. Apache (Jo McCormack)

3. Wooda (Sarah Thurnell)

4. Ballyphilip Gold (Frances Whooley)

5. Nugget (Sheila Winters)

6. April Raven (Rachel Harney)

European Cup

1. Cricket (Shiela Watson)

2. Slieve Aughty Panache (Dot Still)

3. Lily Langtree (Kate Gillam)

4. Slieve Aughty Tinka (Hilary Bernard)

5. Slieve Aughty Mag (Sue Lee)

Young Riders Leaders

Level 3

Apache (Jo McCormack)

Level 2A

Piccolo Boy (Bobbie Ovington)

Orla O'Reilly Memorial Shield for Best Newcomer

Kleiner Onkel (Ulrike Schweder)

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